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Automatically backup and restore your cloud data so user errors, malware, and ransomware don’t derail your district.

Why should you consider SysCloud for backup?

Identify ransomware in your backup archives

  • SysCloud is the only backup solution that scans backup archives for possible ransomware. In short, it lets you delete or quarantine suspicious files before they infect your users.

Cloud data privacy and confidentiality

  • Your backed up data is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. It is accessible only to your users and IT administrators. Therefore, your backups are secure.

Customize data and apps to be backed up

  • Control which cloud applications, users, and groups are protected by SysCloud backup. So, you have complete control of your backup strategy.

Secure cloud backup on Amazon AWS

  • Leverage industry-standard cloud infrastructure at AWS so the district gets a guaranteed 99.99% uptime access to your data.

SysCloud backup and restore features

Tech Reformers has the expertise to assess your backup needs.

Let us know if you’d like more info or a demo.

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