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The Huntress Security Platform

Hackers are constantly evolving, exploiting new vulnerabilities, and dwelling in small business environments—until they meet Huntress. Discover the power of managed detection and response backed by ThreatOps.

Fight Back Against Hackers

Huntress enables you to find and stop hidden threats that sneak past preventive security tools. By focusing on a specific set of attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, and exploits, the platform helps districts from persistent footholds, ransomware, and other attacks.

With our unique combination of automated detection and human-powered threat hunting, even sophisticated attackers won’t stand a chance against your defenses.

As long as hackers keep hacking, we’ll keep hunting.

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The Huntress Dashboard

Your dashboard combines data and insights from each of the core services—delivering a birds-eye view into active incidents and investigations, enabling remediations and corrective actions, and much more.

With a lightweight agent, simple interface, and integrations with leading IT management tools, the Huntress platform makes it easy for you to defend against hidden threats and advanced attacks.

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How Huntress Works



Expose attackers who abuse legitimate Windows applications and processes to bypass other security systems and establish persistence.



Receive custom incident reports that combine automated intelligence with human expertise to understand the scope and severity of potential threats.



Eliminate hackers who are dwelling in your protected environments with one-click execution of automated actions and step-by-step guidelines to harden your security and reduce future risk.



Track incidents, review investigations and generate management-facing collateral to demonstrate the value of your IT security operations.

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Ready to fight back against hackers? Take the complete Huntress Security Platform for a test drive—and experience the power of managed detection and response (MDR) backed by human-powered threat hunting. 

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