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Better Storage

Storage is hard. It is expensive, complex to manage, and in constant need of upgrades. StorONE rewrote key storage algorithms to deliver better storage capabilities while requiring substantially less hardware. The result is a better storage environment that costs less, improves data integrity, and accelerates performance. With StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform, you can start small, solving today’s problems while laying the foundation for a complete storage consolidation strategy.

Better RAID

vRAID enables customers to intermix drives of various sizes. Also, vRAID does not require capacity-wasting hot spares. All drives are active at all times. vRAID also provides rapid parallel rebuilds, reducing recovery times to one minute for flash drives and three to four hours for high-capacity hard disk drives. vRAID is simply better than RAID.

Better DR

StorONE’s S1:Replicate provides both synchronous and asynchronous replication. Unlike our competitors, it can replicate from any hardware to any hardware. For example, an all-flash array in the primary location can replicate to a hard disk system in the DR site, significantly reducing DR storage cost. 

Better Cloud

StorONE’s S1:Cloud, starting with S1:Azure, not only makes cloud storage better, it makes a cloud-first strategy a reality. Customers can transparently migrate data from on-premises to the cloud and then cut over to the cloud instance when ready. Because StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform powers S1:Cloud, all of the features of S1 are now available in the cloud, like tiering, replication, and multi-protocol support.

Better Pricing

TRUprice, an online configuration, and pricing tool, shows what you pay – software only or bundled hardware from HPE, Dell, Super Micro, Intel, and others. StorOne makes configuring a complete storage system a simple four-click process, and then we show you the price, the TRUprice immediately. No registration is required.

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